About Mike

Mike Bijon, developer technologistThis is my personal, opinionated blog. Excuse my work bio redux … I love my work and stay pretty focused on it:

My work is focused on digital strategy and product consulting. With my early career in engineering and software development, I offer online businesses and advertisers a pragmatic approach more grounded than online-only experience. Outside of work I am a WordPress core contributor and contributed plugin developer and am active in the open source software and Portland, OR startup communities.

Online Mike:

The web is about contact & communication (and plenty of smart people have largely solved spam). If you want to reach me: {first_name}{last_name} at {g}{mail}.com – or – US # (three one zero) 625-4702.

Open Source Contributions & Goals

I’m a WordPress core contributor (in 3.3, and hopefully again in 3.5) and contributed plugin developer. Why WordPress? It is one of the tools intended to make the web work *for* people. It fits the ‘everyone can publish’ model the web is built on. I am also working to bridge the islands of open source so different systems can build faster and take advantage of open source across the whole community.

WordPress Community

Recently I’ve spoken at Webvisions on a panel led by Lorelle VanFossen and trying to help with the Portland WordPress Meetup … including speaking at one with Daniel Bachuber (and realizing how far behind my git skills are now that I’m a day-job technologist & architect instead of a full-time dev), and MC’ing another with the incredible Zack Tollman speaking. And, while I don’t write enough, I know how good writing pays off. The quality of the WordPress Codex is a huge reason I learned that CMS in the first place, and I even got to help the multi-talented Eric Mann add Codex features to his Core Contributions Widget.

Still Reading?

When not staring at a screen and keyboard, which isn’t often, I’m a runner with over a dozen marathons, triathlons, & a recent ultra. Many more to go, but looking forward to my kids growing enough I can run with them. I still love SoCal’s weather, but when it’s raining in Portland I’ll keep going so my kids won’t be too far ahead, and the coffee here is like no place else.

At work, I apply my background in engineering and applied mathematics from Northwestern University and The University of Chicago to business & development challenges. Combining analysis with industry knowledge, ranging from commercial construction to manufacturing, he has solved development challenges and built repeatable processes for reliable software. Leading and building teams for companies like Lexus, Google’s Android/Nexus One, The Amgen Foundation, and LucasArts he’s also helped future generations of programmers to work smart and build well.

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